Cometa - Certification
Cometa - Boxes at height.
Cometa - Box.
Cometa - ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
Cometa - ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
Cometa - ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
Cometa - Certification Mobile
Cometa - Boxes at height.
Cometa - Box.
Cometa - ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
Cometa - ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
Cometa - ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
Cometa - Empaques Únicos

Unique packaging
like your brand.

Corrugated and micro-corrugated cardboard boxes

We design and manufacture corrugated cardboard boxes and cases for packaging, according to the characteristics that guarantee the optimal conservation of your product, from when it is packed until it reaches the consumer's hands.

Corrugated and micro-corrugated cardboard boxes

Folding boxes

Micro-corrugated cardboard boxes

Micro-corrugated cardboard has the characteristic of beingmore resistant and with a greater absorption of impacts that could affect the content out of the box.

The degree of protection will depend on the number of waves or flutes in the material. At Cometa we have flutes type F, E, B, C and double corrugated, as well as any combination of types.

Micro-corrugated cardboard boxes are also the image of your brand and a means of offering useful information about your product.

Print run: From 5,000 pieces.

Cometa - Cajas de cartón microcorrugado


Sulfated cardboard

Cometa - Cartulina sulfatada


Cometa - Caple

Brown or white liner

Cometa - Liner café o blanco


Cometa - Microcorrugado

Corrugated and micro-corrugated cardboard boxes

At Cometa we personalize your corrugated cardboard boxes and cases based on a structure, which can be:

Flute type F

Cometa - Tipo de flautas

Flute type F

Cometa - Tipo de flautas

Flute type E

Cometa - Tipo de flautas

Flute type B

Cometa - Tipo de flautas

Flute type C

Folding boxes

The variety of structures and materials that we work at Cometa, allows us to offer you versatility in the design of folding packaging and cardboard cases, resulting in unique packaging.

Folding boxes are used equally for primary packaging as for secondary packaging.

Printing: Since 5,000 pieces.

Cometa - Cajas plegadizas


Sulfated cardboard

Cometa - Cartulina sulfatada


Cometa - Caple

Brown or white liner

Cometa - Liner café o blanco


The custom packaging that we develop at Cometa is based on one of the following structures:

Cardboard box design specialists

We have the ability to offer our clients various solutions through a comprehensive service
that solves difficulties inprinting and design of cardboard packaging.




Micro-corrugated cardboard boxes and folding boxes admit a wide variety of finishes that give personality to each package, expanding the design and image options.


With this type of finish a subtle texture is achieved, sensitive to the touch and sight, after an engraving process on the paper.
It is also known as dry stamping.

Hot stamping

It is a printing technique where shapes and letters are highlighted, commonly using metallic films for an eye-catching finish.


With this technique, shapes and elements that you want to distinguish are highlighted, giving greater depth to smooth surfaces. The result is easily perceptible by touch and sight.

UV varnish

Coating with which a glossy finish is achieved, resistant to water, dirt and even grease, giving a more aesthetic and attractive look.

Quality ready to go.

Large Format up to 3 meters

In order to offer a complete and quality service to our clients, we carry out, from start to finish, the large-format printing process for boxes and packaging measuring up to 3m.



UV varnish

Automatic splicing

Automatic suaje

Folded / Glued

Quality ready to go.

We make cardboard solutions


Strategic location
Being located in the center of the country, it facilitates accessibility to routes to any part of the republic, even to the United States.


Expert team
We have a Packaging Engineering, Design and Development department where we study and analyze the product, its packaging, resistance and shipping box, etc., to solve specific needs that also represent savings for our customers.

Control of

Control of quality
We take care of all the processes, so we can handle our own standards and parameters to achieve the best results, avoiding variations or alterations that affect the quality of the product.


Products unique
The ability to offer different resistances, varnishes, numbers of inks, finishes, measurements and compositions of materials allows us to achieve personalized products.


Attention direct
We visit the plant to learn about the problems our clients face in their processes.

keep going

Improvement keep going
Committed to the quality of the products and services we provide, we are in a constant process of improvement, working on the efficiency and productivity of our processes.

And protection functionality for your products

ommitment and experience, the allies of your business

Throughout 15 years in the manufacture of cardboard boxes , we have been able to diversify our products, specializing and updating ourselves in the development and design of packaging and cases for different industrial and commercial sectors:









Products for the home

Personal hygiene products



Hardware store

Disposables (glasses, plates)

Our certifications

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of Cometa , we have been awarded certifications that guarantee the quality of our processes:

Cometa - ISO 9001:2015

The implementation of technology and innovation has been fundamental to increase efficiency and quality in the service, placing ourselves at the up to the demands of the current market, achieving the trust and complete satisfaction of our clients for who we are, more than suppliers, allies of your business.

Contact Us

As well as the solutions we have for you, our service is personalized.
Contact us.

The important thing is what we carry inside.

Cometa Tel. +52 477 710 6040

Sales and Customer Service: ext. 101 y 103

Cometa Human Resources: ext. 111

Cometa Email:

Cometa - Ubicación Sauzalito #195 Col. San Carlos la Rocha, C.P. 37544 León, Guanajuato, México

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